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Second fashion show rehearsal in Dushanbe


fashion model dushanbe tajikistan girls catwalk serena hotelA few days ago the second rehearsal for the Coctails and Catwalk fashion show took place. And guess what, the choreographer was sick in bed. Bummer! Not much will happen around here I thought, but what was I wrong. It went perfect, or as perfect as a rehearsal can be of course. It was amazing to see how 40 girls or so took command and started doing there thing on the improvised catwalk. A bunch of them even spontaneously started to practice in front of the building. The best part was when they all started to comment on each others strut. Anyway, it was big fun and the girls were already performing a lot better than at the first rehearsal. I got some great shots out of it too, go check them out at the Dushanbe design website. Don’t forget to buy your tickets, the fashion show is this Saturday already!

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It’s all fashion again in Dushanbe!

On the 1st of October the Serena hotel in Dushanbe is the place to be. fashion model dushanbe tajikistan girls catwalk serena hotelAn exciting fashion show is organised that day that will gather the cream of the local fashion scene. The rehearsals only just started and already things are already looking  very promising. The girls are practicing their moves and smiles in the Pioneer House. The place has plenty of beautiful soft light that allows for some great shots without additional lighting. Lucky me.

OK, so if you’re a fashion fan or just want to have an enjoyable evening, buy a ticket and make sure you’re there. AND it’s for a good cause, so another reason to join! Surf to the DesignDushanbe website for more info.

And I’ll be there to shoot the event, what did you think! It’s going to be a bit of a challenge cause it’s outdoor and the show starts late afternoon. That means we’ll be starting with daylight in the late afternoon and end with artificial light in the evening. Curious to see how that will work out. Come back to check out the pics, they will be available soon after the event. Click here for the pics of the first rehearsal.



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